If a computer breaks, or suddenly you cannot access import files or emails, it can be a real problem, especially for small businesses. Our fully managed and on demand IT support packages could help ease your IT nightmares and give you the confidence that whenever there is a problem we are close by to help.

Fully Managed IT Support

Our fully Managed IT support solutions provide you with your own helpdesk and a team of technicians monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure.

We start by assessing your infrastructure, be that on an on premises setup, or a cloud based solution like Microsoft Azure. We will then determine what additional equipment or setup will be required for us to work as your IT team and advise any setup costs associated. Pricing starts at £25 + VAT per user, per month with a minimum of purchase of 15 users.

Once your contract is setup, you will be given access to a ticket portal, in this ticket portal your users can open support tickets and our agents will respond and resolve their queries. In addition to this, our team will monitor and manage your IT infrastructure, including making sure all security patches are released, managing your users and handling regular health checks. Our proactive monitoring helps reduce the risk of downtime and keeps your IT resources in good health.

On Demand Support

Less than 15 users? Or maybe you only need help on an ad-hoc basis. Our on demand support contract will be perfect for you. Just like our fully managed support, you will be given access to a support portal where your users can open tickets and request help. Tier 1 tickets are charged at £15 + VAT per ticket. These tickets are usually resolved in 15 minutes or less. Tier 2 tickets are charged based on complexity, the cost of which will be applied to the ticket and sent to the appropriate person for approval before any work is conducted, meaning you do not get any nasty surprises at the end of the month.

Billing is via card payment or direct debit automatically on a monthly basis.