Prometheus Computing Ltd was founded by Andrew Arscott in 2018, its purpose, to develop high quality web application designed to take the headache out of running a business, by making the website do more, so the business can concentrate on improving their customer journey.

Andrew realised that most websites you find are built on platforms CMS systems like Wordpress or eCommerce platforms like Magento. For many businesses, a simple website built on a platform like this will be perfect for their needs, but many businesses could benefit from a bespoke solution with greater flexibility and less complexity.

Take Magento, Magento as a eCommerce platform is huge and its really good too. It can do so much, and the average user will barely scratch the surface when it comes to its feature set. In addition to this the features are built in the way that most businesses would use them but often a one size all approach is not the correct approach.

At this point, you are probably thinking that these system can all be expanded using the massive catalog of plugins and extensions that are available, some of which are open source and free to use, and you would not be wrong. However, whilst this is true, you can never guarantee the long term support for these extensions, or their compatibility with future versions of Magento, or if they are being maintained and patched when security vulnerabilities are discovered or even if they 100% fit your requirements. In fact the only way to guarantee this, is to purchase a commercially licensed extension, possibly on a subscription basis to keep making sure you have access to the updates and that it keeps working.

So with this in mind, would you go out and buy yourself a suit that does not fit you, and then have it tailored to fit you, or would you just have one made to measure? Surely you would go and have one made to measure? That, is where Prometheus Computing comes in.

We build websites as made to measure. They are built with you in mind, and after long discussions and many revisions. Many of our customer choose to purchase a support solution from us which includes long term maintenance and development too, so the web application can continue to evolve and improve so it is always working for you, and not against you.